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Organizing the Calendar


Bringing compassion, empathy, and a diverse tool kit to aid in growing and maintaining your skill set.

Seattle Metropolitan Area + Beyond

Coaching for adults and children ages 8+.

Are you an adult who finds challenges in...

  • prioritizing tasks at work?

  • planning and scheduling calendar events with the family?

  • getting started on important tasks?

  • getting (and staying) organized?

Do you have a child ages 8 years and older who...

  • has difficulty focusing on school work?

  • has a hard time getting started on projects?

  • lacks impulse control in certain situations with peers?

Executive Function coaching can help.

Executive Function is a broad term for many skills associated with the frontal lobe of the brain.

Executive Function disorder can present in many different ways including, but not limited to:  an inability to complete a task and/or to complete it on time, struggling to get started on a task, waiting to the last minute to do a project or assignment, and doing a homework assignment then not turning it in.

For some it is a struggle to be a "future thinker" - thinking about what's next in the calendar - and to "sense the passage of time" - how long it actually takes to accomplish a task. 


Let me help you find the tools to address those challenges.

Here at Massarano Educational Services, we can help adults and children ages 8+ with: 

Organizational Skills

Time Management

Planning & Prioritzing

Task Initiation

Impulse Control

Often parents and teachers help people with Executive Function challenges by acting as your frontal lobe – reminding you to do things, nudging you to get something done, or actually doing it for you.  Our work together will help you to develop and utilize strategies to grow and maintain your own Executive Function skills.

"My job as your Executive Function coach is to work with you to help you understand how your brain functions and to build the optimum toolbox full of strategies that work best for you."

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